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Business Leader

The power of planning in unison

A lot to worry about

Supply chain leaders have a lot to worry about. They’re in charge of the entire planning process, and they know that each individual decision can have a huge impact on inventory levels, customer satisfaction, operational and financial costs, and ultimately company profitability. In fact, they’re at the center of conflicting aspirations within the organization. They have to juggle operational cost constraints, working capital management, and the needs of customer service. Time pressure is always heavy and reliable data are hard to find. So how can you make well-informed decisions?

Planners always seem to be chasing the facts and getting involved in a lot of firefighting. Leaders know well enough the importance of keeping their planners upbeat and motivated under pressure from the entire organization. So wouldn’t it be great if they could help planners find solutions rather than add to their troubles?

See it, understand it, solve it

That’s where OMP comes in. We give you complete visibility over your entire supply chain, on the short term as well as the long term. 

We give you dashboards and KPIs so you can understand exactly what’s happening and take control. We give you the tools to identify bottlenecks and lead-time issues, or stock levels that are too high or too low, and more. Your planners can quickly find a solution to any issues that could arise thanks to the wide range of smart solvers and analytics specifically tailored to your industry. Planners across the supply chain can now work in unison, seamlessly accommodating each other’s constraints and concerns, and finally breaking free from firefighting mode.

Bridging the gap

Sounds great, doesn’t it? With OMP you can make your entire organization work as one. And everybody’s happy, including you.

A tailored solution


In consumer goods, disruption is the rule. Want to shorten

your planning cycles and improve your service levels?

Success stories

What our customers say

Jack Eggels Shell

“What OMP brought is the discipline that our organization needs. No-nonsense, straight to the point, I thought, okay, that’s what I want.”

Jack Eggels, General Manager Chemicals Operations at Shell

Saskia De Theije

“I’m more in control of my value chain and that makes me sleep better at night.”

Saskia de Theije, Global S&OP Manager at DSM Dyneema

“One of the key benefits we’ve achieved is better decision making."

Rick Poe, Director of Supply Chain Business Services at Shaw Industries

Øystein Gulliksen

“The OMP solution helps us take our process to a more mature level by providing a structured forecasting environment, facilitating for a more time-efficient process and greater cross-functional collaboration."

Øystein Gulliksen, European Demand Planning Manager at Sibelco

“OMP is capable of generating a value-based plan, including the complexities of our chemical network.
We now discuss value instead of volume!”

Rainer Fretzen, Head of Performance Intermediates at Evonik

Arie Moruanx

“Our selection happened in a very rational way and OMP came out as the best choice.”

Arie Moruanx, Global Planning Excellence Leader – Medical Devices at Johnson & Johnson

Stef Vermeiren

“OMP helps us to get all our planners to work together globally, around the same process, using the same system, in the same way.”

Stef Vermeiren, Vice President Global Planning – Janssen Pharmaceutica at Johnson & Johnson

Marcell Sehner VDM Metals

“Supply chain performance analysis allows us to continuously implement further improvements.”

Marcell Sehner, Senior Vice-President of Digital Transformation and Services at VDM Metals

“OMP boosted the collaboration between different plants via integrated routings. We now have a clear view of our planning and production processes. On top of that, we managed to improve services levels while keeping costs under control.”

Thomas Gissler-Weber, CEO of Gissler & Pass