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OMP’s service alliance onboarding program

Our comprehensive onboarding program was designed specifically for our alliance partners. This program guides, empowers, and supports our partners as they embark on their journey with us. 

OMP Alliance Program offering

Comprehensive interactive sessions and e-learning modules 

During onboarding, we facilitate a wide array of interactive sessions that cover various aspects of our solutions, industry trends, and best practices. These sessions feature subject matter experts from our team, who share their insights, experiences, and expertise. In addition to the interactive sessions, we provide comprehensive e-learning modules that offer self-paced learning opportunities. These modules ensure that our partners have access to knowledge resources even beyond the onboarding cycles, allowing them to continuously enhance their skills.

Equipping partners with tools and knowledge to enhance skills 

Our onboarding program is designed to equip our alliance partners with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their partnership with OMP. We provide hands-on experience with our solutions, deep dives into our processes, and access to comprehensive resources.

By doing so, we enable our partners to become proficient in leveraging our solutions, positioning them effectively in the market and driving success for their customers. We believe that the success of our partners is integral to our own success, and we are committed to providing the support needed to achieve shared goals.