Operational planning

Generate integrated and executable plans for supply, inventory, production, deployment and distribution

What to expect

Plan it all. The smart, collaborative and efficient way.

Where it matters

  • Supply chains comprising multiple operations
  • Supply chains with batch-characteristic limitations such as shelf life, original source, and date of manufacture
  • Planning environment with shifting bottlenecks
  • Large and dynamic product portfolios
  • Converging and diverging manufacturing networks
  • Environments determined largely by order and product attributes
  • Divergent filling, packaging and distribution processes
  • Manufacturing environments where operational planning and cutting optimization need to be combined for optimal results

What our customers say

“Planners have seen that the proactive way of working is much more satisfactory.”

Michael Schickentanz, Head of Operations Planning & Master Data Management at VDM Metals

“Our response times have significantly improved thanks to the efficient execution of decisions in daily operational planning and scheduling on the same OMP platform.”

Rainer Fretzen, Head of Performance Intermediates at Evonik

“From batch to real-time decomposition, with OMP, planners dynamically see the supply impact of their production planning and can adjust in real time.”

Edouard Anagonou, Supply Chain Business Analyst and Product Owner & Yu-Lim Tan, Deployment Analyst at Michelin

"OMP has contributed to a reduction of stock coverage by up to 3 weeks and an average 10% rise in service level”.

Ghislain Ysebaert, Vice President M.I.S. & Marc Mortaignie, M.I.S. Project Manager at Samsonite

“The plants are now able to really focus on giving our customers realistic delivery date promises and respecting the given promises. By proactively balancing the capacity load, potential production bottlenecks are eliminated in advance, which results in a smooth and efficient planning and production process, making it much easier to keep the given promises.”

Terje Surdal, Supply Chain Manager at Peterson Packaging