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No matter how complex your supply chain planning challenge, we will get you there. Helping you to shape up, smarten up and sharpen up. Now and in the long run.

We help you to shape up

By making sure you get the one solution that covers it all
Our formula is straightforward. We simplify complexity. We provide an integrated solution for all your challenges. And we fortify collaboration.
We help you to shape up
We help you to shape up


Opt for simplicity. No matter how complex your reality, we offer one solution that can cope. Based on industry standards. Designed to make teams speak one common language.


Integrate all planning challenges into one unified solution. An application built on a holistic vision. Enriched with comprehensive services that help you use its potential to the full.


Experience the power of collaboration. Harmonize in-company decision-making. Facilitate collaboration throughout your business ecosystem. Let humans and machines team up for smart results.
‘Winning is all about teamwork. It’s the art of getting people to connect the dots, on a lot of different levels. We provide both the tools and the mind-set to boost collaboration. Not just at the side of the customer, but also between customers and their supply chain partners. In the end, we offer what they need to enable collaboration throughout the value chain.’
Luc Schepens
Shape up

We help you to smarten up

By bringing you the most intelligent solution in the business
We invite you to release the genius embedded into our solution. To sharpen your vision with advanced transparency. And to rely on a service offering geared to train your brain.
We help you to smarten up
We help you to smarten up

Release the genius

Innate intelligence makes our technology different. Featuring built-in, self-learning and self-steering intelligence. Using advanced logic and solvers. Making decisions based on smart data analysis and an ingenious planning model.

Expand your vision

Advanced analytics, reports, triggers and scenario planning features help you focus on what matters, choose wisely and react fast. Giving you a crisp-clear overview of your supply chain, end to end.

Train your brain

We like to nurture learning. We push your insights, increase supply chain planning skills and support you on your growth path, raising your team’s competence levels to outsmart the competition.
‘The artificial intelligence revolution has shaken the world. The times, when just focusing on data analytics were sufficient, are gone for good. Stand-out companies are the ones who know how you can draw intelligence from a multitude of data via data science. Finding patterns hidden in the data before the competition does, that’s where the opportunity lies.’
Osman Can
Data Scientist
Smarten up

We help you to sharpen up

By pushing your supply chain planning to Olympic levels
We boost value all the way. Allowing you to raise performance and foster the agility that keeps you keen at any moment.
We help you to sharpen up
We help you to sharpen up

Boost value

Focus on adding value, all along the way. Search for value where it is hidden. Learn to plan for extra value. And use treasure-hunting features to raise planner productivity and motivation.

Be performant

Drive a powerful engine that takes into account the relevant complexity of your supply chain. Aligned with reality to guarantee both accurate and feasible plans. And ready for big data on top.

Foster agility

Increase reaction speed and flexibility. See now, diving right into the heart of the matter. Act fast with the help of intelligent triggers. Adapt quickly to a changing reality thanks to an open architecture solution.
‘The ability to come up with smart solutions no longer does the trick. In a dynamic world ruled by constant and disruptive change, you need to decide fast. Our technology helps you focus on those issues that require your attention now. It makes you understand what’s at stake and shows you what your options are. And it allows you to pick the best alternative with confidence. So you can turn situations to your advantage, manage decisively and make a big impact.’
Barry Van Landeghem
Associate Director
We help you to sharpen up