Data Management and Integration

Exchange accurate high-quality data between your planning application and other business systems

What to expect

Solving your data management and integration challenges.

What our customers say

“I may be IT-savvy, but in my business, I also need to fully understand the data I am working with. So, it’s a big advantage getting hold of the data model behind the system, and not being frustrated by some black box I wouldn’t understand. Of course, the data model is quite complex, and it took us a while to really grasp it. But OMP fully supported us in that.”

Grégoire Castagna, Supply Chain and Business Reporting Engineer at Eramet

“Master data is the key. Having the correct data for the upload to the OMP system is fundamental if you want your output to be good.”

Mauricio Molina, Supply Chain Manager at Villares Metals

“A seamless integration with SAP and our other ERP systems was an important factor in selecting OMP.”

James Mortimer, Supply Chain Director at Albéa

“A planning tool should have a very good integration with our existing ERP system, SAP. It’s very important to have consistent data between those two systems, with clear ownership to keep everything in line, and smooth interfaces that are as stable and simple as possible.”