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Sequence the smart way, balancing resources and other constraints while integrating seamlessly with planning

What to expect

Grow more scheduling genius. With a sharp mind and focused eyes. In perfect alignment with reality, planning and execution.

Where it matters

Manufacturing environments with multi-level pegging, coupled routings, linked production steps, strong dependencies, limited capacity (machines, assets, tanks, WIP) and long production chains

Volatile and dynamic environments with variable production characteristics, product quality and yield, variable BOMs and alternative routings and shifting bottlenecks

Capital-intensive industries with multi-purpose installations designed to run at full capacity

Organic intermediates with long synthesis chains, variable yields and qualities

Divergent filling, packaging and transportation scheduling

Products with short expiry dates

Environments facing complex change over, QA/QC and cleaning time matrices

Industries characterized by complex campaign-based production

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What our customers say

“OMP has proven the flexibility to support scheduling needs ranging from batch to continuous processes.”

Jim Carey, Supply Chain Manager at Eastman

“I really recommend OMP for production scheduling. Not just for the dairy industry, because there are some very good examples in other industries, both in process and packaging. That's not just my personal opinion. At the corporate level, we looked into different solutions, also from other players. We found out that OMP's scheduling solution is really solid and much more advanced than some others.”

“Our users are full of praise for the clear graphic display in the Gantt chart, the availability of various color schemes to indicate e.g. order lateness, flute types, etc., the customizable reports and graphs like a detailed list of orders, WIP graphs, etc. and the interactive scheduling capabilities. It was very easy to customize all these features to our specific needs, which has made OMP' solution an extremely powerful and user-friendly tool to support our users in scheduling our plants in the best possible way.”

Terje Surdal, Supply Chain Manager at Peterson Packaging