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Sharing value while you grow. Management on eye level. Partnerships designed for the long run. Those elements are key to build the true spirit of sustainability.

Sustainable growth

Business from the heart
We manage with a purpose. Inspired by fairness, and the drive to share and innovate. Nurturing our employees at the heart of our company. And always passionate about our customers. Because we owe it all to them.
Sustainable growth
Sustainable growth

Managing with a purpose

We do well by doing business. With an eye for real business fundamentals and a strategy of sustainability. Redistributing value with those we owe it to. And turning profit into innovation through consistent investment in R&D.

Employees at the heart of the company

Inclusive talent management is what lies behind our exceptional retention rate. We co-design career paths with our employees. Supporting personal growth and development. Investing in resilience and change.

A passion for customers

A long history of happy customers explains our solid growth. We reinvest our profits in new solutions, aligning our geographical expansion so that we’re right at our customer’s side, wherever they are. Co-creating value as a team.
'Supporting customers means remaining alert and proactive. We don’t just lay back, waiting for customers to call when they face problems. Instead, we actively monitor and analyze their questions and support history. When experience grows thinner because of internal personnel moves at the customer’s side, we are the first to see it coming. And we react. Proposing our customers to brush up their know-how with adequate training. That’s where we differ from the average offshore help desk. We just care. Linking support to user engagement services. Keeping our customers in shape, so they can use our solution to its full potential.'
Helen Vermeiren
Associate Director Customer Services
Sustainable growth

Sustainable management

An inclusive style of management
Teamwork and respect hold us together as an organization. In corporate decision-making, we favor inclusion over authority, taking every manager seriously and listening carefully to the voice of our employees.
Sustainable management
Sustainable management

Taking every manager seriously

At OMP, we foster a participatory management style. We manage in harmony. Applying the principles of deep democracy. And embracing cross-team and cross-functional consultation on a company-wide scale.

Listening to the voice of employees

Participatory decision-making solidly anchors our strategy. We favor a co-decision model, polling on strategic issues, providing a regular sounding board for life at OMP, and an open innovation platform that gives the stage to both creativity and talent.

Values at the center

Inclusion and respect are at the core of our corporate values and culture. We foster team spirit above everything. Respecting everyone we work with. And always delivering what we promise. No matter what.
‘The thing I like most about OMP is the fact that management takes everybody seriously here. One day, I posted a suggestion on our innovation platform. And to my surprise, management immediately entrusted me with ownership of my proposal. That’s the amazing part of working here. They really listen to you. Even if you’re just a starter. Anyone who likes to innovate is encouraged to take responsibility. I couldn’t think of a better way to keep me motivated.’
Sandro Zeme
Senior Consultant
Sustainable management style

Sustainable collaboration

Solid partnerships
We choose our customers and external partners carefully. Teaming up for the long run. Adding value through carefully selected partnerships that help us make a difference. Inspired by our many academic and research partners.
Sustainable collaboration
Sustainable collaboration

Teaming up with our customers

What we offer evolves in line with changing customer needs. We enrich our industry solutions at the core with new functionalities that anticipate underlying trends. On top of that, we add a unique layer of holistic services responding to exactly what the market requires.

Leveraging business partnerships

Smart partnerships allow us to boost customer value. Case-specific partnerships help optimize our project teams. Strategic partnerships allow for structural growth. And we willingly hook up with external specialists who can complement our expertise.

Collaborating on research projects

We enjoy sharing brain power to achieve breakthroughs. Launching research projects with academic and commercial partners. Always in search of innovative developments that help us add more value.
‘We live in a world of change. That means our solution has to be in constant evolution too. We co-create our road map for the future along with our customers. Because they know their business best. Common interests and values bring people together. What keeps them together in the long run, is a shared vision of the future.’
Bart Stynen
Director Solution Design & Product Development
Sustainable collaboration

Sustainable supply chains

Supply chains as principal drivers of transformation

Sustainability is rapidly becoming business as usual. It will become imperative for any company’s long-term survival tomorrow. Sustainability goals will take center stage in supply chains, meaning that the risks and opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance criteria are receiving high priority.

How does that affect supply chain planning? Over the next few years, planning for sustainability will be increasingly adopted by forward-thinking companies as a practical solution for strengthening business and strategizing for the future.

How Green Planning paves the way for a sustainable supply chain