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OMP's sustainability journey

Over the years, the focus on sustainability has intensified, becoming an essential aspect of business for ecological reasons. We are actively adjusting our strategies to align with these changing priorities.

We're on a journey that is not just about OMP's growth; it's about ensuring that we are a future-proof partner, fully attuned to the challenges our customers face in an increasingly sustainability-conscious world.

Learn how we're embracing this broader dimension of sustainability, because we believe in creating a dialogue on how we and all of our stakeholders can continue to grow while contributing positively to our planet and society.


E-book: Planning for a sustainable future - the OMP journey

As we continue to learn and grow in this area, we are eager to share our progress and insights with you. This year, OMP is releasing a series of e-books chronicling our path, highlighting key initiatives and insights. The first e-book, covering our 2023 actions, is now available for a detailed look at our progress.


Anita Van Looveren

"In every facet of our operation, OMP is committed to delivering sustainable solutions that continually increase in value over time. This commitment is made possible through strong partnerships, intense collaboration, and a steadfast dedication to the principles that have guided our journey from the beginning."

Anita Van Looveren, CEO OMP

Giving back

We care for people. We care for growth. At OMP, we believe in charity from the heart.

We are proud to support:


Over the years, we've integrated policies and mechanisms to ensure that our actions resonate with the principles of sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices.