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OMP helps companies facing complex planning challenges to excel, grow, and thrive by offering the best digitized supply chain planning solution in the market.


Adding value, the holistic way
We focus on value, not just on supply chains. Providing you with holistic solutions, based on flexible industry standards. With value at the core to help you reach your next level of supply chain excellence.
 Adding value, the holistic way
 Adding value, the holistic way

Flexible standards

We fine-tune our standard industry solutions for maximum impact on your specific niche, supply chain challenges and business strategy.

Holistic solutions

We design holistic, integrated and connected supply chain planning solutions that support your strategic goals, KPIs and ambitions. 

Value at the core

We keep you lean, agile and sharp by boosting your profitability and supply chain excellence.
‘Let’s face it. It’s a complex world out there. Every industry, every company is different. There simply is no “one-size fits all” solution. Instead, we believe you can only solve the challenge with a layered solution. Our solution builds from a powerful generic application. Then we add an industry-specific layer, and top it off with extra flexibility so it fits our customers’ unique situation just like a glove.’
Christophe Ourliac
Senior Project Manager/Senior Business Development Manager


Triggering intelligence everywhere
In everything we do, we boost the intelligence of your supply chain planning, organization and team. Combining the intrinsic intelligence of our overall solution to your intrinsic know-how, in a smart, sustainable approach.
 Triggering intelligence everywhere
 Triggering intelligence everywhere

Intrinsic intelligence

We embed intelligence in every aspect of our solution, building products, tools and services on smart foundations.

Inclusive intelligence

We are good at what we do. We know that you are too. That's why our solutions are designed to incorporate, embrace and lever both your expertise and ours. 

Sustainable intelligence

We forge strong partnerships with customers who take supply chain planning seriously. Listening, learning and thinking along to leverage more value over time.
‘Intelligence is not just about what you know. It’s also about what you learn. And believe me, there is a lot to be learned from our customers. And we do. We learn by listening carefully. By asking the right questions. By talking about what really matters. We need to understand our customers’ dreams first, before we can really help. Intelligence requires empathy. And the power to inspire people to embark on a journey. A journey we undertake together.’
Elke Servaes
VP Customer Solutions
Triggering intelligence everywhere


Solving it all
Right here and now. Today and tomorrow. Committed to results. Reliable in the long run. Future-proof to prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges.


Commitment is key. We go the extra mile to keep our promises. And to keep you satisfied at all times.


We make sure our solutions run as planned. Now as in the future. On that you can always rely.


We invest nonstop in ever smarter ways to overcome your challenges. Safeguarding your competitive edge sustainably over time.
‘When we solve a customer’s problem, we don’t then just sit back and relax. We live in a dynamic world, with new challenges popping up every second. That’s why we keep investing in the future. Out of every three dollars we earn, we spend one on research and development. It is not enough to solve the problems our customers face today. We want to prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges too.’
Pieter Van Nyen
Director Software Development
Solving it all