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Sustainable value

Create rapid high-growth sustainable value

Companies want to create value. Today and tomorrow. But value is a tricky thing. Some aspects can be quantified. Others are intangible.

Unison Planning™’s logic brings it all together. It uses science to achieve greater value. Solvers and ML enable balanced optimization over multiple conflicting KPIs. Our experts’ deep industry know-how, our acclaimed onboarding programs and off-the-shelf rollout templates unlock the quick wins faster. As a full-scope solution for both technology and services, Unison Planning™ adds purpose-driven value for all stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Sustainable value

Value Webinar

Webinar on creating real business value

How would you define purpose-driven value? How do you manage value from a multi-stakeholder perspective? And how can you generate sustainable value right from the project’s start? Find out more in this OMP Community webinar recording.

What our customers say

“The blueprint was very intense work. We have worked together for three weeks. That helped us to understand our process better, to gain more insights into how we used to be and what we really needed. It has enhanced both our knowledge of our current processes and our idea of what we want to do in the future.”

Claudeci Oliveira, Planning Coordinator at Klabin

“Unison Planning is capable of generating a value-based plan, including the complexities of our chemical network. We now discuss value instead of volume!”

Rainer Fretzen, Head of Performance Intermediates at Evonik

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