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Learn and develop planning skills. Get assistance in specialist technical domains.

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What our customers say

“The training gave us quite some insights, mostly into the functionalities. We were positively surprised. In fact, what we discovered exceeded our expectations. The training made us realize that the functionalities offer greater potential than we had imagined.”

Mauricio Molina, Supply Chain Manager at Villares Metals

“In projects with challenging timelines, it is tempting to reduce the need for training by cutting a couple of days or weeks. But that will just hit you at a later stage. Our key learning from 3 go-lives is that's is simply important to invest in training. We invested a lot in it. That is a really, really good investment. If we could do it again, I would invest even more in training.”

“We had a very good global analysis training today by Sofie with support from Natalya. I’m really impressed by the consistent capability that we continue to see with all those that we interact with from OMP.”

William Grant

“We learned so much about the solution. We built know-how and now have the process insight to leverage capabilities and increase our performance indicators. You need that in combination with the IT solution at the basis.”

“We got a lot of education that we're doing upfront. We teach our people why we need to do something and what the best practices are. When we train them, we show them how we can deliver that with OMP's solution. When you are able to do that, the whole journey gets easier.”