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Success stories

What our customers say

Michael Stadler Mondi

“With OMP every planner can decide on his own what he wants: which design he wants, which frame he wants, and so on.”

Michael Stadler, Head of Supply Chain Management at Mondi

“OMP for Packaging boosted the collaboration between different plants via integrated routings. We now have a clear view of our planning and production processes. On top of that, we managed to improve services levels while keeping costs under control.”

Thomas Gissler-Weber, CEO of Gissler & Pass

“We integrated all the parts of our supply chain in OMP, from the customer demand, the whole planning and feedback to our customers. We're supporting the production planning process, starting from the master planning and integrated forecasts as well as the detailed planning. In the end, the target was to achieve the best.”

“We achieved our planned start-up date and the modules of the OMP planning solution were operational without major hiccups right from day one. This shows how successful the partnership was.”

“OMP for Scheduling helps us in ensuring efficient synchronization between corrugator and conversion production, with maximum respect for due dates and special attention for the WIP levels.”

Terje Surdal, Supply Chain Manager at Peterson Packaging

“OMP impressed us during a very convincing demonstration of OMP for Packaging. The solution provides seamless functional and technical integration between multiple modules, meeting our stringent selection criteria for this implementation.”

Roland Zerhusen, Managing Director at Zerhusen Kartonagen

“By proactively balancing the capacity load, potential production bottlenecks are eliminated in advance, which results in a smooth planning and production process. This makes it much easier to stick to our promises.”

Terje Surdal, Supply Chain Manager at Peterson Packaging

“Our main objective is to be viewed by our customers as the preferred vendor for packaging material solutions, and at the same time to be the most profitable one. We have no doubt that OMP is the production and planning system that will help us achieve this.”