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Codes and policies

Our Codes and Policies shape our organization as a whole and ensure that we are always staying true to our values. They make up who we are and ultimately make sure that we are being the best that we can be. All of the work that we carry out is guided by a series of codes and policies which are strictly adhered to at all times.


OMP Supplier Code of Conduct

As a socially responsible company, OMP shows its commitment to society and the environment, and we expect this from our Suppliers (suppliers, alliance partners, contractors, and other business partners) too. Our Suppliers are important actors, that allow us to serve our stakeholders and ensure that our entire value chain contributes to that vision of sustainable development.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct stipulates the minimum standards to which OMP and its affiliates are committed and which OMP requests its Suppliers to respect and follow. Acceptance and adherence to this Code is mandatory for all Suppliers.

OMP Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

In this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, we outline the responsibilities all OMPeople have to each other, our customers, partners, suppliers, and the public in general. It shows how our values inspire our greatest aspirations and shape our actions and behavior. It defines what it means to work at OMP, as well as our individual and collective responsibilities.

OMP Whistleblower Policy

At OMP, we are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional behavior throughout our company and in everything we do. This is crucial to our continued success and reputation as one of the leading solution providers in the supply chain planning industry. Hereto OMP encourages everyone to carry out their professional responsibility to speak up and report, in good faith, illegal or unethical behavior by or within OMP’s organization and/or business activities.

OMP’s Whistleblower Policy  is an important element in detecting corrupt, illegal, or other undesirable conduct. OMP strongly encourages everyone to speak up if they suspect or witness any matters of concern.

Raising concerns

OMP does not tolerate behavior that is illegal, unethical, or in breach of human rights. We encourage everyone to raise ethical and professional issues without any fear of retaliation whatsoever.

If any concern rises regarding these Codes or Policies or their application, anyone can directly notify their OMP contact person, if applicable, or report this confidentially to the following email address: Whistleblowing@omp.com. You can also use our dedicated OMP-form, which provides the possibility to report anonymously. Please consider that reporting anonymously implies that we will not be able to provide feedback regarding your concern.