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OMP technology alliances

Supply chain processes change to adapt to new markets, new trends, new realities. As the boundaries between supply chain planning and other enterprise processes shift, and cross-functional (or even cross-enterprise) collaboration becomes a reality, the solutions we offer our customers must also change — not only to become better, but also to offer a wider range of solutions to deal with business challenges.

While Unison Planning™ continues to evolve to incorporate new technologies and offer additional functionalities, our open technology alliance ecosystem allows us to offer customers an even stronger answer to today’s supply chain challenges. By aligning our know-how, solutions and services with those of technology alliances, we can provide a 1+1=3 approach and deliver more value.

Our partnering approach

In our technology alliance ecosystem, we join forces with companies that share our core values: passion for what we do, promising what we can deliver, partnerships that bring value to all.

We take care to ensure that our combined offering is both strong and relevant, and we work as one unified team to develop and deliver those solutions.

Our partnering approach technology alliances

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