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What our customers say

“We called in OMP’s advisory with a focus on three issues. The process benchmark, the gap between actual data and the ones we need to move up to the new integrated solution, and finally the definition of the technical specifications for the solution itself. The benchmark was very powerful. OMP understands the metal business pretty well. We convinced our management board to go for OMP’s solution. Now it’s implemented, it offers us powerful simulation functionalities that quickly give a global response for local problems in one of our plants.”

Erwin Bussi, Supply Chain Manager at Industeel

“I don't want a consultant who just says 'yes' and goes ahead, producing a solution that does not do what we need. OMP's staff challenged us quite easily. Saying for instance: 'Why do you really need that? None of our customers do.' We had very good discussions. Tough ones too. But in the end, we all agreed we found a valuable solution.”

“The blueprint was very intense work. We have worked together for three weeks. That helped us to understand our process better, to gain more insights into how we used to be and what we really needed. It has enhanced both our knowledge of our current processes and our idea of what we want to do in the future.”

Claudeci Oliveira, Planning Coordinator at Klabin

“A state-of-the-art supply chain planning solution is indispensable. Not only do we need to maintain our excellent service levels, we also need to work leaner and more efficiently to respond to changes and opportunities. OMP has shown that they understand our business with an in-depth business case and planning process analysis.”

Jan Boeckx, Chief Operating Officer at Sonaca