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We want to empower, motivate, and inspire supply chain professionals to outperform their goals, outsmart the competition and outclass themselves.

Leading the way

The constant quest for better
We strategically invest in our position as leading provider of supply chain planning solutions. In constant search of human talent, focusing on adding business value and scanning opportunities to add more power to our solution.
The constant quest for better
The constant quest for better

In search of human value

We attract, educate and develop the right people to offer you a unique combination of supply chain planning expertise, industry-specific know-how, product knowledge, technological and solution-oriented skills.

In search of business value

We focus on value-adding innovation, inspired by your needs and our drive to keep learning, evolving and improving. All with the aim of helping you move ahead on your journey of supply chain excellence.

In search of future value

We constantly scan new concepts, technologies and industry trends, sense both current and future developments in supply chain and business ecosystems and envision novel solutions to face the challenges ahead.
‘If we want to inspire our customers to excel, we have to be serious about that ourselves. That’s why we simply never settle for candidates whose resume just looks nice on paper. We want to feel convinced by who they really are. To work here, you need more than brains alone. You need to share our passion too. And know how to enthuse others. Because that’s exactly what we want to do.’
Catheline Lourdaux
Global HR Analytics & Reporting Manager
Leading the way

Exploring new paths together

The journey towards excellence
We invite you to join us on our journey to discover, learn and grow. Together and in open dialogue. Exchanging knowledge between partners, opening up new opportunities and making your dreams come true.
The journey towards excellence
The journey towards excellence

Sharing knowledge

We are passionate about exchanging experience, expertise and insights. Cross-fertilization of visions and ideas makes us all smarter every day.

Sharing opportunities

We encourage you to share your opinions on the challenges of your industry. We join forces to help you cope, identify untapped opportunities and develop ever smarter business strategies.

Sharing dreams

We brief you on the newest trends and developments with a listening ear for your opinion on what the future holds for you.
‘Sharing dreams is not some fluffy, “new age” thing. Dreams do matter. Because they truly can inspire us. They help us free our minds, create the openness to work out new solutions, daring us to push boundaries. That’s why we encourage our customers to dream along with us. To help them make possible tomorrow what still seems impossible today.’
Michele Maina
Solution Architect
Discovering new paths together

Challenging the route

The courage of the pioneers
We dare you to get better at what you do. And count on you to keep us keen as well. Encouraging and empowering you to open your eyes to opportunity, take action and move ahead to reach for gold.
The courage of the pioneers
The courage of the pioneers

Dare to do

We enable, support and encourage you to use your supply chain planning solutions as a means to realize your goals.

Dare to see

We help you monitor, scan and identify hidden potential to improve your supply chain, from conceptual design over implementation, organizational setup to knowledge buildup.

Dare to grow

We support you on your path of continuous improvement and sustainable growth. With conviction, motivation and enthusiasm. Keeping you feeling proud and fulfilled as we move along together.
‘We like to push the envelope. We get a kick out of coming across a new method, a new concept, cracking yet another case. But what really gets me going is passing that mindset on to our customers. Let me tell you this. Getting to that moment where customers really understand the value they’re capable of achieving, that really makes my day.’
Paul Vanvuchelen
Director Customer Solutions
Challenging the route