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Finding the right solver to plan campaigns

David Huygens and Ioana Simon - October 19, 2022

David Huygens, Senior Product Manager at OMP and an expert in all things solver, was intrigued by the campaign planning problem when he first started working at OMP. What followed was a multi-year journey to finding the best methods for solving the campaign planning problem, drawing upon everything from mixed-integer programming to heuristics.


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00:28 - What is supply chain planning?

01:35 - What are campaigns?

02:52 - What makes planning these campaigns so difficult?

05:02 - What is multi-level campaign planning?

07:02 - How did you approach your first campaign planning project?

09:40 - What kind of issues appeared over the years?

10:26 - How does OMP approach more complex supply chains?

12:00 - How do heuristics work?



On this episode

David Huygens

Senior Product Manager at OMP BE


With 15 years of experience at OMP, David is a Senior Functional Product Manager in the planning cycle team, focusing on optimizing our planning solutions and adding value for our customers in a variety of industries.

Ioana Simon

Supply Chain Consultant


Ioana is a consultant in the Solver team. There, she primarily works on the advanced S&OP solver and collaborates closely with project teams to ensure customers get the most out of OMP’s vast solver offering. She is passionate about mathematics and dislikes writing her own biography.