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Real-world solutions for age-old supply chain challenges: Bob Herzog on the Spark Initiative

Bob Herzog and Philip Vervloesem - August 2, 2023

Join our captivating conversation with Bob Herzog, a seasoned supply chain leader with over 25 years of experience at Procter & Gamble's planning department and a key member of the Spark Advisory Board.

He sheds light on the Spark Initiative, which brings together industry and academia to tackle age-old supply chain challenges: How can we deliver the best possible service to our customers while cutting costs and inventory? How can we plan more sustainably? And how can we harness data from diverse sources to make more informed decisions?

Bob's valuable insights offer an exclusive glimpse into the initiative's potential to revolutionize the future of supply chain planning.


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00:27 - What sparks your enthusiasm for the Spark Initiative?

02:50 - How do industries represented in the advisory board differ?

04:00 - What makes this initiative transformative for real-world companies?

06:30 - What triggers academic interest in this initiative?

08:32 - Why should people attend the initiative’s report out at the OMP Conference?

Real-world solutions for age-old (supply chain) challenges:



On this episode

Bob Herzog

Strategic Advisor and Former P&G Executive


With over 25 years leading Procter & Gamble's planning department, Bob leverages his vast experience in supply chain planning and technology to provide executive-level consultation. He empowers industry peers, optimizing their processes and driving excellence.

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Philip Vervloesem

Senior Vice President OMP USA


With 22 years’ supply chain digital transformation experience in a whole range of industries, Philip currently leads OMP’s business and market development globally while heading up the company’s US operations. Focusing on vision, strategy, and global community building, Philip has a proven history of boundary stretching and thought leadership in supply chain planning innovation, building new markets, and growing and supporting high-performing teams on both sides of the Atlantic.

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