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Supply chain planning software to tackle all your planning challenges

What to expect

Your all-around supply chain planning and optimization software. One comprehensive approach to tackle all supply chain challenges in a unified way. Enriched with smart features and leading-edge technology And easy to use, for all stakeholders in your value chain.

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What analysts and customers say

Lora Cecere, Supply Chain Insights

"Customers using OMP are significantly more satisfied with their supply chain planning software than those using competitive solutions."

Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights

Øystein Gulliksen

“People find it intuitive and user-friendly, which is extremely important. If it's a monster of a system and hard to use, it's much tougher to gain acceptance.”

Øystein Gulliksen, European Demand Planning Manager at Sibelco

Michael Stadler Mondi

“We decided to change to OMP because the performance of our old system was low. We needed a performance boost with faster planning and confirmation towards the customer. Speed matters. It's all about flexibility. We have very small plants and very big plants. The old system was too standardized so nobody was happy. With OMP every planner can decide on its own what he wants, what designs he wants, what frames he wants and so on.”

Michael Stadler, Head of Supply Chain Management at Mondi

Johan Maes

“We selected OMP because it is a suite with a lot of capabilities, going from really detailed scheduling on the shop floor to the executive level, the entire S&OP process. On top of that, OMP has helped us to connect all of our different ERP systems into one end-to-end view in one system. Integration, combined with being able to do simulations, made us decide to use OMP as our supply chain technology of choice.”

Johan Maes, Senior Director Global Excellence – Janssen Pharmaceutica at Johnson & Johnson

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2023

OMP has been recognized as a Leader in Supply Chain by Gartner. We’re delighted to be positioned as a Leader for the 8th consecutive time. For us, this objective evaluation is an acknowledgment of our continued dedication to providing innovative supply chain planning solutions and excellent value to its global customers.

“OMP's solution has allowed us to integrate our planning and scheduling needs with our corporate SAP platform.”

Jim Carey, Supply Chain Manager at Eastman

“Key to our future requirements are the extensions possible into demand planning, inventory management, network planning and the integration with detailed transport scheduling. OMP is the perfect solution to solve our complex requirements in a very dynamic, demand-driven business.”

Stefan Hauenschild, Sales & Operations Planning Responsible at Siegwerk Druckfarben

“OMP offered the quality and robustness in the planning process we were aiming for. Manual activities from multiple sources are now automated within our new Planning System of Record. One common integrated process is now applied. This gives better control, greater visibility and a higher level of maturity, resulting in agile supply chains.”

Nathalie Loicq, Vice President Global Supply Chain at UCB