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Gartner® research: The advancement of supply chain control towers

November 24, 2021

Gartner research: The advancement of supply chain control towers

According to Gartner, "companies constantly strive to make effective decisions, while mitigating risks and achieving sustained visibility across business ecosystems. That’s why it’s important for CSCOs to incorporate the control tower concept within their operations.

Gartner research: The advancement of supply chain control towersBut control towers are currently still mainly designed to be war-room-like environments heavily focused on visualization and dashboards. They are often functionally siloed and do not provide the necessary E2E visibility, control, or support for decision-making.

A true supply chain command center, however, is still just an aspiration even for highly mature supply chain organizations for several reasons, such as issues around data quality and integrity, organizational readiness, IT practice maturity, and the availability of technology - an encompassing digital supply chain twin spanning the whole end-to-end supply chain of an organization.

The ultimate aim of harnessing analytics and intelligence (ABI, DS and AI) capabilities is to lead supply chain organizations toward a more flexible, adaptable and composable analytic approach, adopting the following process:

  1. Monitor, alert, notify, and present
  2. Explore and diagnose
  3. Predict and prescribe
  4. Generate, adapt, and learn"


But how can companies evolve their control towers into command centers as part of their digital transformation?

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