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OMP helps customers get COVID-19-resilient

May 7, 2020

 OMP helps customers get COVID-19-resilient

As the world is hit by COVID-19, the stress on people and organizations is tremendous. The consequences of the virus have a huge impact on daily life and on businesses. A challenging time for all of us. Is planning fever hitting you too? No panic. OMP is here to help.

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down overnight. Demand patterns are now utterly unpredictable. Supply chains face massive disruption. Planners are working in overdrive as they are put up with inconsistent or unreliable data and struggle to develop relevant scenarios to manage the new reality.

In these challenging times, OMP stands by our customers’ side to help them get through this, with services that really make a difference where it counts. We master our solution and we know your business well. Together we’ll get through this successfully.

  • Focus on the essentials
    Experiencing difficulties when running and evaluating tactical COVID-19 scenarios? Put your trust in our advisory services for hands-on expertise and strategic insights. If, for example, asset utilization simulations, alternative sourcing options, product portfolio rationalizations, or projected P&L impact trouble you, we’ll make sure your simulations lead to value-adding choices.
  • Fine-tune where needed
    Exceptional circumstances can upset a range of business-critical parameters. Even where the supply chain planning solution’s underlying model is still valid, it could be critical to make essential process adjustments. Our user engagement services will help you adjust planning & scheduling solver parameters in alignment with shifting constraints, KPI weights, business priorities and the lot.
  • Foresee the unforeseeable
    Our expertise can be relied on for mass outlier corrections on impacted sales. Our consultants show you how to adjust initialization procedures to make full use of collaborative forecasting input. Or simply let us do the job for you. Our experienced staff is ready to take the forecasting part out of your hands as part of our PaaS (Planning as a Service) offering. Giving you extra time to focus on more urgent planning issues.
  • Grow your skills
    Are you ready to take your planning expertise to the next level? You are most welcome to join our remote webinars. They’ll help you get a tighter grip on disruptive planning challenges and make optimal use of POS and demand-sensing signals. As a gesture to our customers, a number of our e-learnings are offered for free. We show you how to move faster to where you need to be. And should you face other challenges, just contact our user engagement services for extra support.

Of course, we have no cure for COVID-19. But we can support those who are working on it, those who are guaranteeing our safety now, and those who keep supply chains running in these demanding times.

Count on us to help. Your OMP expert is just one call away.


The OMP User Engagement Team
Email: userengagement@omp.com

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