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OMP keeps on hiring and onboarding in COVID-19 times

September 1, 2020

OMP keeps on hiring and onboarding in COVID-19 times

World leader in supply chain planning OMP continues to hire and onboard new staff in Europe, the US, Brazil, India and China despite the difficulties imposed by COVID-19. About 40 people have started on September 1 and are following a tailored onboarding process.

The lockdown measures haven’t stopped OMP from hiring new people over the past few months, but it was clear from the start that onboarding would be a challenge. “We have put in place a dedicated team to develop and run a COVID-19-proof process,” says OMP’s CEO Anita Van Looveren. “Starters are invited onsite for just one session, of course in compliance with distancing and mask rules. This allows them to meet their team leaders and get acquainted with the company culture. The rest of the onboarding process happens remotely, through tailored online training programs. We even organize virtual breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, home office quizzes and happy hours. We do whatever it takes to develop an excellent team spirit.”

In total, about 130 people have joined OMP this year and more will follow. Demand for advanced supply chain planning solutions has been on the rise for several years, and COVID-19 only seems to confirm that trend. “There’s a big future for smart planning, especially since supply chains will become even more complex,” explains Jan Snoeckx, ‎Associate Director Product Design at OMP. “Many companies are now learning the hard way that relying on spreadsheets and basic ERP functions makes them vulnerable.”


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