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OMP releases version 7_01, promising a phenomenal boost in performance, scalability, and planning intelligence

July 7, 2022

Atlanta, July 7, 2022—With version 7_01, OMP releases the next generation of its renowned digital supply chain planning software. This major upgrade marks the transition to a hybrid and open cloud software architecture that, according to OMP, brings a phenomenal performance increase and much greater scalability. Version 7_01 also provides an even richer set of explainable AI engines that form an essential element in autonomous supply chain planning. 

Version 7_01 was announced at OMP’s successful Shine in Unison conference that took place in Atlanta last week. This major upgrade of OMP’s integrated digital supply chain planning solution is based on an innovative hybrid cloud software architecture that includes scalable Azure services enabling even more real-time data integration and autonomous planning. The user interface provides state-of-the-art web UI functionality such as 360° Analytics & Response as a next level command center available to all stakeholders.


Decision-making approach baked into the system

OMP asserts that a decision-making approach is baked into the system. “That’s the essence of our telescopic digital twin,” says OMP Innovation Leader Jan Snoeckx. “Users can zoom in and out on pieces of the supply chain as well as take different planning and decision-making perspectives, which ensure seamless integration across the strategic, tactical, and operational planning levels.”


Greater insights, faster response, open to external AI

Pilot customers have proved the value of this hybrid approach, says OMP Commercial Leader Philip Vervloesem. “Managers and executives have confirmed that they get an instant view of their key OMP data and can dive deeper into the levels of detail within seconds. Users also reported a phenomenal increase in performance, for example with forecast calculations responding 100 times faster. And as a proof of the open architecture, we have successfully integrated some external solvers into our AI layer.”


Driving further into autonomous planning

“These realizations help our customers to scale, gain performance, and drive further into autonomous planning,” Snoeckx adds. “We firmly believe that autonomous planning is the new paradigm. It’s about a better, much more agile, and more intelligent human-machine collaboration driven by highly flexible AI engines that will operate in a continuous-learning loop controlled by humans. And it’s not just AI, it’s explainable AI or XAI, which is AI that people can understand in terms of what it does from a business point of view. It’s AI that they will trust.”



Philip Vervloesem, Commercial Leader
Phone: 1-770-956-2723
E-mail: pvervloesem@omp.com

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