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OMP and Rulex extend partnership to enhance data quality in supply chain planning

June 1, 2023

OMP and Rulex announce the extension of their partnership to further enhance data quality in supply chain planning by providing tighter integration between Rulex Platform and OMP’s Unison Planning™.


Streamlined, no-code data quality management

The success of supply chain planning decisions depends on the precision of the underlying data, which may encompass details on products, inventory, resources, capacity, suppliers, or orders. With the continuously growing volume and complexity of such data and the expanding network of sources, innovative approaches are needed to harmonize and validate the constant flow of data.

OMP and Rulex are already collaborating on driving innovation in the data value chain to improve decision-making in supply chain planning. Today, they expand their partnership through the joint creation of an OMP-Rulex connector for Rulex’s no-code, drag-and-drop data management platform. This connector will leverage Rulex Platform's data consolidation and validation capabilities to streamline the deployment of OMP’s Unison Planning™ Solution.


Intensified collaboration

The collaboration focuses on improving the quality of master and operational data through cleansing and validation functionalities, enabling streamlined integration into the OMP digital twin. OMP customers will be able to accelerate the implementation of Unison Planning™ and enhance their ability to manage a varying data landscape while using the supply chain planning solution.

Both companies will increase their capacity to implement relevant data validation logic into Rulex Platform. In addition to developing a dedicated platform extension, Rulex and OMP will jointly market this solution and are initiating a pilot program to allow key customers to participate in the design. Rulex will also participate in the 2023 OMP Conference (Barcelona, September 27 & 28).

The expansion of the commercial and innovation collaboration confirms OMP’s commitment to helping customers address the data management challenge that results in longer implementation tracks, reduced efficacy of supply chain planning processes, and less-than-optimal business value creation. Jan Snoeckx, OMP Innovation Lead, says, "This collaboration leverages OMP’s ecosystem and fits perfectly in the product strategy to offer our joint customers the best possible solution, powered by our composable and open supply chain planning platform."

Massimiliano Costacurta, Rulex Head of Marketing and Sales for Industry, adds, "The further integration of our platforms comes as a natural result of the growing demand from our joint customers, who are seeking enhanced data quality and quicker value creation. By streamlining the integration process, we're enabling our clients to capitalize on the benefits of our combined solutions more effectively and make more informed, data-driven decisions in their supply chain planning."

The partnership extension demonstrates the deep commitment shared by OMP and Rulex to improve data quality in supply chain planning and provide customers with the best possible solutions for optimal decision-making.



About OMP

OMP helps companies facing complex planning challenges to excel, grow and thrive by offering the best digitized supply chain planning solution on the market. Hundreds of customers in a wide range of industries - spanning consumer goods, life sciences, chemicals, metals, paper and packaging - benefit from using OMP’s unique Unison Planning™.



About Rulex

Rulex is a leading  technology company delivering a no-code, end-to-end data management system, called Rulex Platform, which orchestrates all the steps in the data value chain (from data collection to pre-processing and advanced analytics), providing businesses with high-quality, trusted, and ready-to-use data.

Rulex Platform enables business users, from any industry or organization, to autonomously interact with their own data, building solutions adapted to their specific business needs, to take better decisions, improve efficiency, and/or automate business processes. 


Paul Delbar, Technology Alliance Lead
Phone: +32 3 202 06 73
Email: pdelbar@omp.com

Claire Thomas Gaggiotti, Rulex Head of Communications
Phone: +39 333 812 8032
Email: claire.thomasgaggiotti@rulex.ai