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OMP elevates BASF petrochemical business to higher levels of supply chain planning performance

October 11, 2023

OMP elevates BASF petrochemical business to higher levels of supply chain planning performance

The petrochemicals division of chemical leader BASF is finalizing the global OMP’s Unison Planning™ rollout to all regions. This rollout is the tailpiece of a global program to deliver integrated planning performance to the remainder of the petrochemicals division’s production plants, as well as the affiliated businesses.

OMP for Chemicals includes powerful capabilities to plan continuous and campaign production, along with other industry-specific functionalities. It also includes business-critical functionality such as tank and jetty scheduling to minimize demurrage costs. The implementations allow much more efficient production, smarter logistics management, and better planning of utilities, involving less manual inputs and less data preparation efforts.

Stefan Ritschel, Vice President Supply Chain Management and Digitalization of BASF’s petrochemical division, confirms: “The dedicated solution for our business is firmly rooted in the realities we encounter in the field, and the people at OMP don’t shy away from the chemical industry’s complexities. Implementing OMP into BASF’s IT architecture helped us to increase our data quality and delivered optimal integration with our ERP landscape. I’m very happy that we’re now bringing this to the rest of our plants and businesses. This will improve collaboration across various planning roles and boost global efficiency.”

OMP elevates BASF petrochemical business to higher levels of supply chain planning performanceIn addition to rolling out and streamlining the division’s operational planning globally, the implemented solution now includes demand planning capabilities. This allows BASF’s petrochemical division to match the constantly changing levels of supply and demand more rapidly and precisely.

The project progressed as initially planned thanks to a comprehensive change management plan that was carried out in parallel, which was instrumental to BASF staff embracing the solution.

Director at OMP, Kurt Gillis, confirms the achievement: “My praise goes to the BASF project team, who demonstrated a high maturity in supply chain planning. This implementation brings the different BASF petrochemical sites closer to one another. It’s great to be able to help one of the most fascinating chemical corporations in the world.”


Kurt Gillis, Director Business Development
Phone: +32 3 650 22 63
E-mail: kgillis@omp.com

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