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Understanding artificial intelligence through XAI

Broes De Cat and Kris Dockx - November 13, 2022

What are AIs up to? As AI increasingly influences our personal lives as well as how we plan supply chains it’s becoming more and more important to understand their intentions. Kris Dockx and Broes De Cat talk about the workings of Explainable AI (XAI).


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00:23 - What is XAI?

00:43 - Why do we need XAI?

02:44 - The three goals of XAI

03:08 - The first level to achieving XAI: explanation

04:44 - The second level: shining a light on the inner workings

06:01 - The third level: controlling the input parameters

07:34 - The fourth level: creating self-learning algorithms

08:53 - What to do when an algorithm gets more complicated?

10:43/strong> - How to feel in control over a machine learning model?



On this episode

Broes De Cat

Product Innovation Manager at OMP BE


Broes finds his challenge in shaping OMP’s product road map to support the supply chains of the future. He takes a broad approach to supply chain resilience, deploying techniques such as process mining, building models from execution data, and developing optimization and business rules for hyperautomation, as well as stochastics and ML.

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Kris Dockx

Senior Product Manager at OMP BE


With a master’s degree in mathematics and a PhD in chemical engineering from KU Leuven, Kris was already a published author before completing his master’s. Even today, his PhD research remains influential in supply chain circles. Kris founded successful start-ups in Leuven, Boston, Mannheim, and Basel before joining OMP in 2003. Initially a supply chain consultant, he now co-leads the solver team, driving impactful optimization projects.

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