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Maximizing the accuracy of your digital twin

Jeroen Devreese and Ioana Simon - November 30, 2022

Your supply chain digital twin needs master data to capture the capabilities, capacities, and performance of your production and distribution network. But what if your master data is inaccurate, based more on legacy and gut feeling than on reality? That’s why OMP developed Data Genie. Jeroen Devreese, data scientist and creator of Data Genie, shares insights of this fascinating tool with you.


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00:35 - What is a digital twin?

01:08 - What is Data Genie?

02:37 - How are master and execution data related?

03:26 - How does Data Genie work?



On this episode

Jeroen Devreese

Senior Data Scientist at OMP BE


Jeroen holds a PhD in physics from the University of Antwerp and completed a postdoc at Georgia Tech. However, he eventually discovered his genuine passion for mathematics and coding, leading him to pursue a career as a data scientist in the industry. He joined OMP's data science team in 2018, immersing himself in problem-solving and algorithms. Off-duty, he enjoys playing padel and cherishes quality time with family.

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Ioana Simon

Supply Chain Consultant


Ioana is a consultant in the Solver team. There, she primarily works on the advanced S&OP solver and collaborates closely with project teams to ensure customers get the most out of OMP’s vast solver offering. She is passionate about mathematics and dislikes writing her own biography.