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A story of innovation: OMP's software journey

Patrick Van Cauteren and Flo Daelemans - September 13, 2023

Dive into the evolution of OMP’s supply chain software with Software Architect Patrick Van Cauteren, who’s been with the company since the very start. From the first mathematical optimizer application to the full-blown Unison Planning™ platform, discover the challenges and driving forces behind this transformative journey.


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00:57 - Why did you choose to work for OMP in 1988?

01:58 - How did building software from scratch teach you about flexibility and reusability?

02:43 - What did technology look like back then?

03:26 - What were the main challenges in designing this application?

03:56 - How did the technology come about?

04:36 - How did you ensure flexibility and reusability in your software design?

06:23 - Why did you combine the applications and what were the main challenges?

07:17 - What was your role as a software engineer in this evolution?

08:18 - How does OMP continue to lead in technology and innovation?

A story of innovation: OMP's software journey



On this episode

Patrick Van Cauteren

Senior Software Architect at OMP BE


With more than 30 years’ experience in software development, finding innovative solutions for complex problems is part of Patrick’s DNA. As a Senior Software Architect, he focuses on making sure the OMP solution fits all environments.

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Flo Daelemans

Senior Sales Development Consultant


Joining OMP in 2022, Flo brought with her a passion for business development and building long-term customer relationships. Leveraging her supply chain know-how, she currently focuses on teasing out promising leads for the business and sales teams. Comfortable in five languages, Flo effortlessly bridges cultural differences, building trust by delivering on promises. When she can tear herself away from business, she loves escaping to the outdoors!

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