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How Green Planning creates business value - With Niek Vaessen

Niek Vaessen and Flo Daelemans - February 8

Why set Green Planning objectives? How do these sustainability targets impact supply chains? And what role does technology play?

Niek Vaessen, former Director of Business Transformation at Bridgestone, sheds light on the business value of Green Planning.



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00:37 - What are you passionate about?

01:19 - Has Green Planning already been applied in companies?

04:05 - What sustainability KPIs or targets can we measure?

05:05 - What’s the impact of Green Planning on supply chains today?

07:00 - How does Green Planning create business value?

08:15 - How does technology, particularly AI, play a role in Green Planning?

09:06 - Can you share real-world examples of successfully implemented sustainability targets?

10:29 - For those starting, what's the initial step in adopting Green Planning?

How Green Planning creates business value - With Niek Vaessen



On this episode

Niek Vaessen

Former Director of Business Transformation at Bridgestone


Niek Vaessen is an experienced leader with over 20 years at Bridgestone, where in the last years, he led the digital transformation program at Bridgestone EMIA. Trained as an Electronics Engineer, he's passionate about using technology to improve processes. He's focused on optimizing company-wide operations and has recently integrated sustainability into his strategies for holistic business solutions. Since 2023, Niek serves as a strategic business advisor for OMP.

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Flo Daelemans

Senior Sales Development Consultant


Joining OMP in 2022, Flo brought with her a passion for business development and building long-term customer relationships. Leveraging her supply chain know-how, she currently focuses on teasing out promising leads for the business and sales teams. Comfortable in five languages, Flo effortlessly bridges cultural differences, building trust by delivering on promises. When she can tear herself away from business, she loves escaping to the outdoors!

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