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Driving sustainability through Green Planning

Ioana Simon and Flo Daelemans - March 30, 2023

How can manufacturing companies integrate sustainability data and key performance indicators (KPIs) into their planning process? Which industries are at the forefront of sustainable supply chain planning? And how can other companies follow their lead? Ioana Simon, a Green Planning expert, shares valuable insights on the challenges and best practices of sustainable planning.


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00:14 - What is Green Planning?

00:52 - Where did the initiative for the OMP sustainability network originate from?

01:40 - Which industries are prime candidates for Green Planning?

04:25 - What do businesses need to do to integrate Green Planning into their decision-making process?

05:30 - What are the results that can be achieved with Green Planning?

07:12 - What do businesses need to be successful at Green Planning?

08:23 - What are the main challenges when implementing Green Planning within the supply chain?

09:28 - How does OMP promote Green Planning during an implementation project?

10:40 - Why do some companies hold off on integrating Green Planning?

11:38 - Can the OMP Community councils play a role in creating awareness and enabling alignment between companies?






On this episode

Ioana Simon

Supply Chain Consultant


Ioana is a consultant in the Solver team. There, she primarily works on the advanced S&OP solver and collaborates closely with project teams to ensure customers get the most out of OMP’s vast solver offering. She is passionate about mathematics and dislikes writing her own biography.

Flo Daelemans

Senior Sales Development Consultant


Joining OMP in 2022, Flo brought with her a passion for business development and building long-term customer relationships. Leveraging her supply chain know-how, she currently focuses on teasing out promising leads for the business and sales teams. Comfortable in five languages, Flo effortlessly bridges cultural differences, building trust by delivering on promises. When she can tear herself away from business, she loves escaping to the outdoors!

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