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Production chains and value streams in the chemical industry are truly unique. As well as being inherently complex and subject to such variable demand, they involve a vast range of interconnected elements. These include everything from raw materials, base and intermediate products, to finished goods, co-products, and by-products.

The combination of many ingredients and operations brings with it huge planning and optimization challenges for decision-makers at both divisional and corporate level.

Just how do you keep all your business units and teams aligned? How can you extend collaboration beyond the business and become more agile in the face of disruptive change? And how can smarter planning make your business more sustainable?  OMP for Chemicals helps you do this and more.

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What our customers say

Jack Eggels Shell

“What OMP brought is the discipline that our organization needs. No-nonsense, straight to the point, I thought, okay, that’s what I want.”

Jack Eggels, General Manager Chemicals Operations at Shell

“OMP is the perfect solution to solve our complex requirements in a very dynamic, demand-driven business.”

Stefan Hauenschild, Sales & Operations Planning Responsible at Siegwerk Druckfarben

“OMP is capable of generating a value-based plan, including the complexities of our chemical network.
We now discuss value instead of volume!”

Rainer Fretzen, Head of Performance Intermediates at Evonik

“The OMP solution allowed us to integrate our planning and scheduling needs with our corporate SAP platform. OMP has proven the flexibility to support scheduling needs ranging from batch to continuous processes.”

Jim Carey, Supply Chain Manager at Eastman