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BUSINESS LEADERS IN paper, plastic film, and packaging

In a business characterized by very short delivery times, shortages of raw materials, and rising energy costs, business leaders in the paper, plastic film, and packaging industry are struggling to make and keep promises. Successful chiefs of industry use smart planning tools to secure their market share and margins by improving alignment, raising responsiveness, and focusing on operational excellence and value.

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What our customers say

“One year after the OMP implementation, all our expectations and many objectives are being fulfilled. We also see the potential for further improvements now that we have gained experience, with possibilities beyond what was defined during the selection process."

Terje Surdal, Supply Chain Manager at Peterson Packaging

“OMP for Packaging boosted the collaboration between different plants via integrated routings. We now have a clear view of our planning and production processes. On top of that, we managed to improve services levels while keeping costs under control.”

Thomas Gissler-Weber, CEO at Gissler & Pass

“The blueprint was very intense work. We have worked together for three weeks. That helped us to understand our process better, to gain more insights into how we used to be and what we really needed. It has enhanced both our knowledge of our current processes and our idea of what we want to do in the future.”

Claudeci Oliveira, Planning Coordinator at Klabin

Michael Stadler Mondi

“We decided to change to OMP because the performance of our old system was low. We needed a performance boost with faster planning and confirmation towards the customer. Speed matters. It's all about flexibility. We have very small plants and very big plants. The old system was too standardized so nobody was happy. With OMP every planner can decide on its own what he wants, what designs he wants, what frames he wants and so on.”

Michael Stadler, Head of Supply Chain Management at Mondi

“We were not just looking for a software vendor, but for a partner that could help us address the operational challenges that our current and future investments bring. OMP offers a mix of in-depth operational advice and world class software."

Fang Congyi, General Manager at Zhejiang Dashengda