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Technology leaders in paper, plastic film, and packaging

Guiding your company on its digital transformation journey is a huge responsibility. In the process, technology leaders apply selection criteria often overlooked by business leaders, supply chain planners, and innovation and financial leaders. For a supply chain planning tool to make it through the selection process, it needs to offer solid guarantees on risk control, value, efficiency, and performance. That’s precisely why so many leading paper, film and packaging manufacturers have embraced OMP’s industry solutions — and have remained loyal ever since.

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What our customers say

Michael Stadler Mondi

“We decided to change to OMP because the performance of our old system was low. We needed a performance boost with faster planning and confirmation towards the customer. Speed matters. It's all about flexibility. We have very small plants and very big plants. The old system was too standardized so nobody was happy. With OMP every planner can decide on its own what he wants, what designs he wants, what frames he wants and so on.”

Michael Stadler, Head of Supply Chain Management at Mondi

“OMP impressed us during a very convincing demonstration of OMP for Packaging. The solution provides seamless functional and technical integration between multiple modules, meeting our stringent selection criteria for this implementation.”

Roland Zerhusen, Managing Director at Zerhusen Kartonagen

“Our users are full of praise for the clear graphic display in the Gantt chart, the availability of various color schemes to indicate e.g. order lateness, flute types, etc., the customizable reports and graphs like a detailed list of orders, WIP graphs, etc. and the interactive scheduling capabilities. It was very easy to customize all these features to our specific needs, which has made the OMP Solution an extremely powerful and user-friendly tool to support our users in scheduling our plants in the best possible way.”

Terje Surdal, Supply Chain Manager at Peterson Packaging

“We were not just looking for a software vendor, but for a partner that could help us address the operational challenges that our current and future investments bring. OMP offers a mix of in-depth operational advice and world class software."

Fang Congyi, General Manager at Zhejiang Dashengda