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OMP launches eye-catching campaign to promote Unison Planning™

October 7, 2021

OMP is launching an eye-catching campaign on social media and beyond to promote its Unison PlanningTM solution, increasingly hailed as the future of supply chain planning. The unconventional and startling campaign kicked off on October 7, 2021 accompanied by a sequence of music videos all under the heading ‘Orchestrate your entire supply chain from your digital soundboard’, as well as an e-book full of valuable insights.

The campaign is designed to further raise awareness among supply chain professionals of the power of Unison Planning. Put simply, Unison Planning integrates all the planning activities of large companies in one single unified solution empowering planners across the globe, and even across companies, to work together in perfect unison, to secure a more agile, resilient, and reliable supply chain.


Creating pure harmony

OMP launches eye-catching campaign to promote unison planning

The campaign draws a parallel between supply chain planning and music, with videos depicting groups of musicians enjoying being part of the music-making process guided by the inspiration of a DJ. It’s all about keeping the party going, driving a performance, and making dreams a reality. Or, in supply chain terms, blending the complex multitude of activities into pure harmony, involving every stakeholder in the process, and reaping the benefits of this thing of beauty.


Supply chain planning can be fun

OMP launches eye-catching campaign to promote unison planning

Why is OMP launching such an unusual campaign? CEO Anita Van Looveren explains: “Many people see supply chain planning as somewhat stressful, involving a lot of anxiety and headaches. But we believe it can be very rewarding and even a lot of fun if you’re given the right set of tools and an environment in which you can positively cooperate with your colleagues near and far.”


Navigating today’s turbulent times

As a complement to the videos, OMP is publishing an e-book outlining Unison Planning principles along four themes: alignment, agility, excellence, and value. Real-world business cases illustrate the solution’s benefits in today’s turbulent times.

More information can be found on OMP’s dedicated campaign pages, which include Unison Talks, links to webinars, and more. The Unison Planning campaign is also a prelude to the OMP Conference which takes place on February 24 and 25, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia (US) around the theme of Shine in Unison. Want to see Unison Planning in action? Save the date.


Philip Vervloesem, Senior Vice President OMP USA
Phone: +1 404 791 06 42
E-mail: pvervloesem@omp.com

About OMP

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