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Technology leader in life sciences

Helping companies make the move to smart digital planning solutions is not an easy job. With business leaders focusing on corporate goals and supply chain planners making the case for state-of-the-art features, technology leaders like you have different criteria. Your role? Making sure that the digital transformation journey runs smoothly and is without risk — checking whether the solution can handle unforeseen events and keep up with fast-moving technological progress. And all this while demanding solid guarantees on the speed of implementation and how scaleable rollout is. OMP for Life Sciences checks all the boxes, building on Unison Planning™, and gets the job done.

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What our customers say

Stef Vermeiren

“OMP helps us to get all our planners to work together globally, around the same process, using the same system, in the same way.”

Stef Vermeiren, Vice President Global Planning – Janssen Pharmaceutica at Johnson & Johnson

Dean Bergman Avanos Medical

“They delivered us a solution that we're very happy with. That delivered exactly what we needed.”

Dean Bergman, IT Director at Avanos Medical

“Roche wants to transform the IT architecture in supply chain planning from today’s fragmented solutions to a single platform and single data model for all planning. OMP will be the foundation for future SOD and SOI capabilities. With OMP’s Unison Planning we’ve found the technology platform, enabling this transformation.”

Andreas Kuder, Roche IT

David Aherne

“We were looking for an integrated, automated and scalable solution and that’s what we got from OMP.”

David Aherne, Senior Director Global Supply Chain at Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Johan Maes

“OMP has helped us to connect all of our different ERP systems into one end-to-end view in one system. Integration, combined with being able to do simulations, made us decide to use OMP as our software of choice.”

Johan Maes, Senior Director Global Excellence – Janssen Pharmaceutica at Johnson & Johnson