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“From our point of view, the human intervention we should keep for value-added activities and leave all the rest to computers and to capabilities that can do this much better and much faster. So, we can spend our time on what we like to do and are paid for.”

Arie Moruanx, Global Planning Excellence Leader – Medical Devices at Johnson & Johnson

“In our collaboration with OMP, we explore new methodologies for improving forecasting, and the efficiency and efficacy of supply chain management.”

Wouter Verbeke, Associate Professor of Business Informatics and Data Analytics at the Free University of Brussels

“With OMP’s Unison Planning, we are adding an innovative dimension to our centralization of planning in a few Global Planning Service Centers.”

Harald Fischer, Global Supply Planning Application Manager at Procter & Gamble

“With the highly advanced optimization engines, we are able to offer our customer improved service levels while operating with lower working capital and increasing throughput efficiency of our production facilities.”

“Digitization in the supply chain also means that planning systems, become smarter. The role of the planner is changing, and the role of the supply chain manager is probably also changing. Where that is going to lead to, we don’t know yet. This is something to be studied. So we launched a research collaboration with OMP.

Ann Vereecke, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Vlerick Business School

“I may be IT-savvy, but in my business, I also need to fully understand the data I am working with. So, it’s a big advantage getting hold of the data model behind the system, and not being frustrated by some black box I wouldn’t understand. But OMP fully supported us in that.”

Grégoire Castagna, Supply Chain and Business Reporting Engineer at Eramet

“In line with our expectations, OMP has proven to be an advanced planning solution. Thanks to the automation and built-in optimization engines, the supply chain team spends less time on trivial, repetitive work and can focus more on value-added activities.”