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What keeps chemical leaders up at night? - Jack Eggels’ insights

Jack Eggels and Flo Daelemans - January 16

How can effective risk management position a business for success during volatile times? What criteria should be considered when selecting a solution provider? And what strategies can be employed to attract top-tier talent in supply chain planning?

Jack Eggels, former executive at Shell Chemicals, addresses the key drivers for success in the chemicals industry.

Enjoy this episode of OMP Talks. If you’re interested in learning how to orchestrate the chemical supply chain, explore OMP for Chemicals.


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01:09 - What's your role as a strategic advisor at OMP?

02:17 - What are the three main challenges in the chemical industry?

04:22 - What are the risks for companies in chemicals?

05:52 - What's your advice for leaders facing these challenges and risks?

08:10 - What role did OMP play at Shell in helping them face those challenges?

09:34 - What key ingredients should people look for in a solution provider?

11:00 - What’s your advice on hiring the right talent?

12:17 - What leadership style boosts motivation in a planning team?

13:31 - What's your final advice for business leaders?

What keeps chemical leaders up at night? - Jack Eggels’ insights



On this episode

Jack Eggels

Former Shell Executive


Jack Eggels is a former Shell executive who has worked in Shell’s global Chemicals business for over 25 years. His responsibilities included regional and global supply planning, operational and excellence roles. He has also served 10+ years on the board of Shell Chemicals Europe BV. From 2016-2021, Jack was the business sponsor to drive the successful implementation of OMP across all of Shell Chemicals’ businesses globally. Since 2021, Jack is a strategic business advisor to OMP.

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Flo Daelemans

Senior Sales Development Consultant


Joining OMP in 2022, Flo brought with her a passion for business development and building long-term customer relationships. Leveraging her supply chain know-how, she currently focuses on teasing out promising leads for the business and sales teams. Comfortable in five languages, Flo effortlessly bridges cultural differences, building trust by delivering on promises. When she can tear herself away from business, she loves escaping to the outdoors!

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